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l  Camera system combines an HD camera, battery backup, solar charger, cellular modem( WiFi modem), local storage and computing into one integrated compact device, which is powered from a small solar panel (included) and the built-in battery system provides continues operation for several days even if there is no solar input.
l  The camera system communicates over cellular or WiFi connection to the Camera Software & Cloud Service.
l  The camera system automatically uploads collected time captured or on-demand images and video streams to the camera software for viewing.
l  Users login to the camera software from PC or mobile device to control the cameras or view images and videos.
l  Our Cloud Service is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of cloud computing and highly scalable, highly reliable, world-wide hosting services. The camera system is built on this rock solid foundation to provide secure, reliable storage of your data and access to your cameras.